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Common Kitchen

Advertising Opportunities

As of November 30 2007, Common Kitchen's registered user base is approximately 63 percent female, 37 percent male, 20 percent over the age of 50, 30 percent between 25 and 49, and 28 percent between 21 and 24. 68 percent live in the United States, 19 percent in Canada, and 8 percent in France. 78 percent of registered users consider English to be their first language.

Traffic averages approximately 2500 visitors per month, accounting for over 10000 pageviews. Search engine visitors are most often searching for a specific cookbook, recipe, or food blog, while the bulk of Common Kitchen's referral traffic comes from the food blogosphere

Available Positions

Header Banner: 468x60 image, on every page.
Sidebar Text Links: Header plus two lines of text, on every page.

We are willing to sell ads only for specific sections, such as Recipes or Cookbooks.

Purchasing Ads

Contact Noah Smith, details below.


Noah W. Smith
c. 413-320-1605
f. 866-354-9696