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Common Kitchen

Contacting Common Kitchen

The easiest and simplest way to contact us is by using the Problem? Feedback? links you'll see on the left of every page, just under the Common Kitchen text. They'll let you file a bug report, send a comment, or a suggestion, and we'll also get some context on who you are and where you were on the site when you filed your report. We'll get back to you if necessary (or requested) at the email address you provided when you registered.

If you really want to send us a message from outside the site, send us email at We can receive faxes at (866) 354-9696, but why not just email us a PDF?

If you want to send us something tangible (cookies, flowers, electronics, summonses,) address it to

Common Media, Inc.
PO Box 5
Amherst, MA 01004 USA

We'd love to talk to you by phone, if you have comments. We are available at 413-259-6977.

~The team