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James Beard's American Cookery

Author: James Beard
ISBN: 0316085669

Language: English [Edit]

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A standard classic that provides general information about food preparation & specific recipes for standard American fare; as well as James Beards' opinions and advice on food and its correct handling.



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Average rating: **** based on 2 reviews.

  • momcat rated this cookbook **** on February 06 2008

    I've owned this book since shortly after I began cooking for myself in the late seventies. It has answered thousands of questions, like "how to cook a pork roast" and enriched the food life of our family by providing many of our favorite recipes over the past 30 years. I turn to it still, for good ideas & old favorites.

  • medfordgardener rated this cookbook **** on February 06 2008

    This is a great reference for cooking and baking of all kinds. While it's not a "pretty picture book," it has a huge variety of high-quality recipes.

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