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Joy of Cooking

75th Anniversary Edition - 2006

Author: Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker, Ethan Becker
ISBN: 0743246268

Language: English [Edit]

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The much anticipated 75th anniversary edition of Irma Rombauer's kitchen classic Joy of Cooking promises to be as indispensable as past editions of this generational favorite. In addition to hundreds of brand-new recipes, this Joy is filled with many recipes from all previous editions, retested and reinvented for today's tastes.



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Average rating: **** based on 2 reviews.

  • medfordgardener rated this cookbook **** on February 06 2008

    This cookbook really has everything. I can now understand why it has such a wonderful reputation.

  • urebbapr rated this cookbook **** on April 05 2008

    This is a great cookbook for basics, and a great reference.  I used to own a very early edition of it, when everything was cooked in bacon fat.  I believe the later editions are updated to be a  lighter and more relevant to today's American cuisine.  This one earns a permanent place on the kitchen shelf.

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