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Greyston Bakery Cookbook

Author: Susan Postal, Helen Glassman
ISBN: 0877733236

Language: English [Edit]

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Recipes for elegant & delicious baked goods as made at the bakery of the same name in New York state.



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Average rating: ***** based on 1 reviews.

  • momcat rated this cookbook ***** on February 06 2008

    This is a great guide to making fabulous baked goods. Some of the recipes are relatively easy to make and some are really difficult. The recipes assume that you do know how to cook, but might be new to baking. The instructions do not have a "hand holding" quality to them, but are quite clear and backed up by helpful little line drawings that illustrate such things as how to wrap a cream horn or roll a chocolate cigar. If you want to learn to make professional quality muffins, scones, pastries, cakes, etc., you'll love this book.

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