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Exquisite Chocolate Mint Sticks

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These are chocolate mint cakes with mint frosting and chocolate drizzled over the top. UMMMM!



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  • pbzmor rated this recipe ***** on February 06 2008

    I make these sticks for Christmas desserts mostly. I color the frosting red and green to make them more festive. My family LOVES them and they have become a part of every Christmas at our house. They are easy to make and oh so good.

  • parker rated this recipe ***** on February 06 2008

    I can't really speak to how easy or pleasant these are to make, but I really like to eat them! Imagine a fairly dense and rich brownie (not a crumby sort, closer to fudge) which tastes ever-so-faintly of mint, then frost it, and you're getting there.

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