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Banana Bread

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This is an easy and very good banana bread. The recipe calls for one large loaf pan, but I use several little ones so I can freeze what I don not use. If you do this, watch your cooking time. The recipe calls for nuts, but since my family doesn't generally like nuts in anything, I leave them out. A very good classic banana bread.



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  • parker rated this recipe ***** on February 06 2008

    This is the banana bread recipe I use, and while it's the best I've made myself, it took some experimenting to make it come out anywhere near as good as my mother does. The trick is to pay attention to the bananas and, if necessary, err on the side of too much banana (e.g. if your bananas are small, use four instead of the three called for in the recipe.)

    It certainly beats the one I tried from Joy of Cooking, anyway, which was too dry and didn't taste enough of bananas.

  • cafromularo rated this recipe ***** on November 09 2010

    This made a very dark, dense awesome banana bread that lasted wrapped on my kitchen sideboard for a week.  It tasted yummy, with butter or without, and was almost heavy enough to toast (but when I tried it dried out and crumbled.)  It was great as a breakfast bread or a snack with a cup of tea, and even as a dessert with a glass of red wine.  I would make it again.  I used extra rotten bananas.

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