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Lazy Sweet Potato Fries

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Sliced sweet potatoes salted on a greased cookie sheet. Bake. Simple enough?



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Average rating: ***+ based on 4 reviews.

  • parker rated this recipe **** on February 06 2008

    I'm biased, but I really like these. They're my favorite way of eating sweet potatoes.

  • noah rated this recipe **** on February 06 2008

    These little orange fries are, as advertised, both easy to make and tasty to eat!

  • momcat rated this recipe **** on February 06 2008

    Easy to make and very good. I think I may have cut larger fries than Parker does because my batch took a total of about 35 minutes instead of 20. Another thing: the terminology, i.e., references to north/south vs. the more conventional "cut them lengthwise" left me puzzled at first. In fact, I cut one into round slices before I had truly scoped out what was intended. The lazy way must require more brain work, I guess. Later: Having made these a couple of additional times, I seem to have the size right--small enough to cook through, yet big enough not to incinerate. We love them. I made them tonight to go with a pan of roasted broccoli--beautiful & delicious.

  • Andy Liu rated this recipe *** on June 02 2012

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